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When you’re scouring the internet for the rarest, most exciting stamps, you’ll find that it pays to work with the best. Not only will premier philatelists give you access to the widest-range of stamps – offering you a greater chance of finding what you’re looking for – but you can often find the best deals there too.

Based in Surrey, and just a short train ride from Central London, Scotia Philately is one of the UK’s most renowned stamp experts, with over 30 years of stamp knowhow. But who exactly are they? What is the history of Scotia Philately? And why are they so popular?

The history of Scotia Philately

Scotia Philately is owned by Colin Harding and Robert Hepworth, two stamp experts who have been dealing in philately since the 1970s. Bothworked for the stamp expert Stanley Gibbons Ltd and built up a huge network of contacts and knowledge there, handling a range of different collections and working with stamp experts across the world.

At Stanley Gibbons, Colin and Robert handled illustrious collections including the Marc Haas and Canman China collection as well as famous Harry Nissen products.

In 1984, they left the company to set up Scotia Philately – a company that could serve customers in a friendly, personal way as well as focusing on a range of different collections.

What collections do they have?

Nowadays, the company is used by stamp collecters from across the world and it sells a range of exceptional collections, some of which are not available anywhere else.

Some of their collections include:

  • The Gaston Berlemont Gold Medal collection of French Maritime Mail
  • The Erskine and Charless Hahn Gold Medal collections of Scots Local cancellations
  • The Kean Railway collection
  • The Schroeder Large Gold Medal French Postage Due collection
  • The Ito Gold Medal Great Britain collection
  • The ‘Devon’ Imperial Russia collection
  • The Dr. M. Vermeer Gold Medal French Colonies collection
  • The ‘Stillwell’ and ‘Spedding’ collections of distinctive Maltese Cross

And much more!

Why are they so popular?

Put simply, it’s the variety on offer, coupled with the extensive expertise of both Colin and Robert, that makes Scotia Philately such a popular choice with stamp aficionados. Neither Colin nor Robert are the sort of people to rest on their laurels. They’re always scouring markets to find new deals and exciting old collections, so that last piece that you’ve always been looking for could be just around the corner.

Get your collections valued

What’s more, Scotia Philately is always keen to lend advice and offer valuations on specific stamp collections, with valuation days taking place across the UK – so you can benefit 30 years of philatelist experience, free of charge.

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